Smith: Already nominated for 3 Teen Choice Awards Harry Styles is making boy-band exit history

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Harry Styles' debut album has sold over 230,000 units, the biggest debut first week sales for a United Kingdom male artist’s first album in the United States. About 193,000 where in traditional album sales.

Harry Styles is leading the first wave of Teen Choice 2017 award nominations with three nods for choice male artist, choice rock artist and choice song: male artist for debut single “Sign of the Times.”

Everyone expected great things from Styles because, well, he released an emotional banger in the middle of April — “Sign of the Times” — and his fans simply wanted more. And he didn’t disappoint.

Styles released his highly anticipated album in May, and it has increasingly gained more buzz. Styles and his music is not following the status quo: When an artist usually drops an album, people freak out for a week or two, and then the hype dies down.

The album surpassed The Billboard 200 album chart with over 230,000 equivalent album units sold. It was the biggest debut first week sales for a United Kingdom male artist’s first album in the United States. An impressive feat considering his lack of experience with releasing music solo.

He reached No.1 in more than 20 countries, according to Daily Mail. To top it off, out of the 230,000 equivalent album units sold, includes streaming, 193,000 were in traditional album sales, which in our digitally driven world is quite impressive.

Styles will be the most successful member of One Direction, impacting the music world deeper than any other member.

Zayn Malik released his debut album, “Mind of Mine,” in March last year, which was also very successful. This was the first look into any of the One Direction members’ single careers since he left the band first.

In One Direction, Malik had a mysterious persona, making him stand out among the other members. But the album, which discusses drunken moments and sexual relationships, is not lyrically or emotionally impressive. With “Mind of Mine,” he doesn’t stand out.

Liam Payne’s single “Strip That Down” is a lame, plain pop song that we’ve heard a million times. The basic hip-hop beat made it a hit on the charts, but it came as no surprise when it didn’t stay there. Fans were so excited to finally hear something from Liam, and the single had not a single stand-out quality.

Louis Tomlinson is in the same boat as Payne. In his song with Steve Aoki, “Just Hold On,” he took a drastic step away from his pop 1D music with an electronic sound, but the song as a whole was unimpressive. The lyrics are simple. The beat is basic. And we’re sick of the “oh-oh-oh’s.”

Niall Horan’s “This Town” is a step above both Malik and Tomlinson’s releases. It’s simple, but filled with emotion. The song appealed to a variety of ages, as opposed to One Direction’s very specific fan base. Niall holds second place.

Then we have Harry. Harry’s album has set a new tone for the solo artist and did so in every way he needed.

His album has old-rock sounds similar to legends we know and love, such as Prince and David Bowie. It’s nothing like any of his previous releases as a member of 1D.

The reason his album is the most successful, and why he will be the most successful former member, is because his music is from his past songs and what made the band soar in the first place.

The album shows off Styles’ incredible and incomparable vocals. The lyrics are deep and honest. And there isn’t a pop sound at all throughout the album. He spent five years in the world’s most popular boy band, but successfully deviated from that image. Styles has no interest in sticking to what is safe or being at the top of the charts.

All of his loyal teen fans will now get a chance to appreciate the likes of the artists who have influenced Styles that their generation hasn’t been exposed to, such as Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

He’s embracing rock ‘n’ roll — and doing a great job at it.


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